Technical Studio

Our studio offers its customers all its knowledge, the structure with adequate technical equipment and thanks to the close collaboration of valid professionals, it allows us to cover almost all professional skills.

The activity of the technical office generally covers the following practices:

  • Management of building practices at the competent administrative offices (S.C.I.A., C.I.A.L., Building permit etc ...) both for new construction works and for restructuring and / or extraordinary maintenance and / or ordinary maintenance
  • Appraisals, valuations of properties or commercial activities
  • Architectural design, construction management, work accounting, work progress status, etc…
  • Drafting of bill of quantities or cost estimates
  • Drafting of Energy Performance Certificates for both residential and commercial properties
  • Cadastral practices:
    • Drafting and presentation of stacking practices for new construction or notification of changes through the ministerial application program DOCFA
    • Drafting and presentation of types of updates (type of splitting, type of map) using the ministerial application program PREGEO
    • Drafting and submission of Voltura applications, requests for rectification, etc…
  • Topographic celerimetric surveys with total station, staking, elevation plans, re-confinements
  • Practices for condominiums: drafting and revision of thousandth tables
  • Tasks for safety on temporary and mobile construction sites:
    • Drafting of safety and coordination plans
    • Duties of safety coordinator in the design and execution phase of the works
    • Drafting of the Operational Safety Plan (POS) for the company
    • Drafting of the Assembly, Use and Disassembly Plan of the Scaffolding (Pimus)
    • Assistance of the client (building companies, private individuals and public administrations) in all other legal obligations eg. prior notification, etc…